Cuddling while Mom knits.

Hey friends!
It has been a blanket of snow all week so we have been super cuddly and helping Mom with all of her Christmas knitting. We just love when she knits since we get to cuddle on her lap.
She has made so many great knits that she has for sale on her Etsy that you should check out. She is running a sale all month long on her hand knitted stuff.

Buy your humans something warm this winter!


Hello Little Bird

Libra and I spent our Saturday relaxing and cuddling with our toys. Mom and Dad were busy some in the morning and then Daddy went out to play a game while Mommy stayed with us.

Libra and I asked if we could have a friend over to play but Mommy said no one was able to come over so she decided to make us a friend to play with!

Mommy thought we would enjoy a little bird to sing us a song and fly around the room so she got started on this little guy!

His name is Oslow!

I really like him! I wish I could just play with him all day! Mom said I need to be gentle with him and not bite his wings or beak. I just get so excited sometimes that I bite things so Mommy is limiting my play with him.

I’m trying to hypnotize Oslow! Mommy said I’m silly and it won’t work, but I want him to obey me!

Gotcha Oslow!

Oh man! Mommy is taking Oslow away since I bit him. Darn!

Libra is way sweeter to Oslow. She gave him a sweet kiss and just sat with him. I think Oslow really likes Libra, I guess I’m to hyper!

If you would like a friend like Oslow let me know! You can buy one from Mommy! She can make some in different colors too!

We hope you had a fun weekend!

Who Pug

Mommy made a dog hat the other day and added a pom pom to it today!

Libra and I both tried it on but Libra liked it more.

When Mommy put the hat on Libra she got really excited and jumped up and ran around the living room. Libra was so excited that she grabbed the pug toy and laid down to chew. Mom thought it was really sweet.


Libra really liked the hat, she just laid down and didn’t try to take it off.


Libra let Mommy take a few pictures before I got to try it on.

20120422-151615.jpgMommy made the pom pom extra big for fun, she thought it made us look like we should be in the Christmas movie The Grinch, we are Who Pugs from Whoville!


I wasn’t as excited about it but I still posed for mommy. I really wanted to eat the pom pom, I kept trying to bite it off Libra’s head and I did get a few good bites!


I kept feeling the pom pom move on my head so I started shaking my head to see if I could reach the pom pom, I couldn’t though!

Does this make me look silly?

Mommy can make one for you too if you want! She has a lot of color options. Talk to mommy here if you are interested! She will make it and ship it to you, only US shipping though, she can’t ship overseas yet.

Puppy Neck Warmer Giveaway!

Hey everyone! I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving with your family and friends!

I didn’t get to go to the big meal because my mamaw has doctors orders not to be around dogs.

I spent Thanksgiving night hanging out with Mom and  Dad and Libra. We had fun playing and getting the Christmas decorations out.

Mommy has been working really hard on making all kinds of stuff for her Etsy shop and decided that she’d let me do a giveaway with this awesome knitted neck warmer.

I love it, it’s really cozy and pretty. Mommy is going to make me and Libra Christmas neck warmers soon too.

Leave me a comment and Mommy will put your name in to be drawn to win this neck warmer.

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

Pug Love,

Murphie Jo and Libra!

I love pizza!

I won this awesome slice of pizza (with extra fiber) from my very sweet friend Archie & his human Melissa. When it came in the mail I was so excited that I snatched it out of moms hand and ran off with it. I love yarn, I like playing with it. Pizza smells so good but I never get any so I’m really excited to have my own pizza. I keep trying to eat the olives. Mom said I couldn’t eat it and is limiting my play with it since im trying to eat it. Mom said we need to be nice to our toys and make them last but I just want to chew.

Maybe me and mommy should make something and do a giveaway, I think it would be a fun idea.






Thanks Archie & Melissa, I love my pizza!

Lots of love