Cuddling while Mom knits.

Hey friends!
It has been a blanket of snow all week so we have been super cuddly and helping Mom with all of her Christmas knitting. We just love when she knits since we get to cuddle on her lap.
She has made so many great knits that she has for sale on her Etsy that you should check out. She is running a sale all month long on her hand knitted stuff.

Buy your humans something warm this winter!


My friends Josie & Daphne

My friends Josie and Daphne are super cute and sweet!
My mommy made them neck warmers to keep them warm this winter, they live in Minnesota which gets a lot colder than Southern Indiana where I live.

Their mommy sent a adorable picture to us!
How cute are they? They look wonderful in their neck warmers!


Lots of pug love!

It was a very Merry Pug Christmas

My second Christmas was awesome. I didn’t have a pug under
the tree but I had some great toys! I got two new Martha Stewart
Pet toys, a squeak bone, new food bowls, a Rudolph toy, a
gingerbread girl, an ornament and treats. I got spoiled. I spent a
lot of time with family and played with everyone, it was so much
fun! I love all the time spent with family. I hope everyone had a
wonderful Christmas. What was your favorite gift? I sure hope a lot
of pugs got adopted this Christmas. I really wish I would have
gotten one. Mom and dad keep telling me soon, we may have to get a
new home first.