Stormy Monday

Today has been a gloomy day full of rain and thunder. This is the perfect setting for a day of napping and cuddling.

I’m just so sleepy.

Mommy thinks I look so silly laying like this.

Libra loves cuddling with all the toys.

The sun came out a little bit so Libra started to fall asleep in the sun.

We are being so lazy. Mommy is giving me extra cuddles and I’m helping her knit. She even made a new neck warmer that looks really cute on Libra!

How pretty is she?

Mommy just loves making us cute little knitted things.

We hope you have a fun Monday, we are going to relax more!!





A Slice for Me

Last year I won a giveaway and got this amazing pizza slice from Melissa and her little helper Archie of Pug Notes.

Read my original post when I received my pizza in the mail here!

This morning I was playing with my pizza after I tipped my toy bin over and food it in the bottom. I was still a puppy when I first received my pizza so Mom didn’t let me play with it as often as I would have liked. I have torn it up a bit but it still looks delicious to me!

While Mommy was cooking breakfast and packing Daddy’s lunch I was curled up in my favorite chair enjoying my pizza!

I just love this pizza. It is so wonderful. I think every pug needs a slice of pizza.

Even the crust is delicious. Do you have something this amazing? I sure do love it. I’m so happy I won the giveaway. Melissa makes really awesome things!

You should check out her Etsy shop here, she has many wonderful things!

After enjoying my pizza I started to get really sleepy.

It’s getting really hard staying awake.

I think I’ll just rest my head for a minute or two.



I am going to rest in my chair now. I hope you had a wonderful day!


Murphie Jo

Pugs & Bananas

Hello everyone.

I have some exciting things to share with you! Mommy made me ice cream! She made me delicious banana ice cream. I couldn’t believe it, I was so happy. She tried letting Libra have some but for some reason Libra didn’t like the smell of it. I guess Libra just doesn’t like ice cream.

I got the ice cream two days in a row.

You should have your parents make cream for you. All you need to do is freeze sliced banana and then put the frozen banana in a food processor. Mommy is so awesome for letting me have some. I can’t wait for more.


I have been relaxing a lot, summer is just to much for me. I have been sleeping mostly. Mommy and Daddy put a chair in the living room by the window so I really enjoy laying there now.



Flashback Friday

Mommy was showing me all the old videos of me when I was a baby, she thinks they are all so funny. These videos are from when I was 10 weeks old.

I loved tug of war with my blanket.

I was trying so hard to get in Mommy’s lap, it sure was hard work being that little.

I hope you enjoyed these videos. Mommy says I was such a ball of energy.

Hope you all have a wonderful Friday.

Hello Little Bird

Libra and I spent our Saturday relaxing and cuddling with our toys. Mom and Dad were busy some in the morning and then Daddy went out to play a game while Mommy stayed with us.

Libra and I asked if we could have a friend over to play but Mommy said no one was able to come over so she decided to make us a friend to play with!

Mommy thought we would enjoy a little bird to sing us a song and fly around the room so she got started on this little guy!

His name is Oslow!

I really like him! I wish I could just play with him all day! Mom said I need to be gentle with him and not bite his wings or beak. I just get so excited sometimes that I bite things so Mommy is limiting my play with him.

I’m trying to hypnotize Oslow! Mommy said I’m silly and it won’t work, but I want him to obey me!

Gotcha Oslow!

Oh man! Mommy is taking Oslow away since I bit him. Darn!

Libra is way sweeter to Oslow. She gave him a sweet kiss and just sat with him. I think Oslow really likes Libra, I guess I’m to hyper!

If you would like a friend like Oslow let me know! You can buy one from Mommy! She can make some in different colors too!

We hope you had a fun weekend!

Fun Friday

Libra and I have had so much fun today! Mommy thought we were being so cute so we took some fun pictures and played with our toys. We got to take a nice nap while Mommy went to play with her friend.

Enjoying the sun!

Here’s my rope Mom!

I really want to play with this rope Mom!

I give up, I’ll just find something else!

What’s behind all these doors Mom? More toys?

When Mommy got home Libra and I were really hyper so as a treat Mom found my old ladybug pillow I love and let us play with it. Libra has never seen this ladybug so she went nuts!


If you were wondering what that song was it’s called White Riot by The Clash.

I hope you enjoyed our video.

What all did you do today? Leave us a note and tell us all about it!

Hello Summer

Hello all! Summer is here and I needed to have some fun to celebrate. I went on a little adventure with Mom and Dad in the car, it was really hot but the air condition in the car was nice.

First Mom suggested they stop at a small store for lemonade. It was hot so Mommy let me lick the cold bottle while they drove.

Next we went to a store and let Mommy out and she ran in to get some kind of lotion.

Then she said we were going swimming! Oh my pug, I was really really excited. Swimming meant I see my two favorite dogs, Muffin and Daisy!

We all played and ran in the yard and wrestled. I have so much fun playing with them! There is a doggie door and it really scares me, I just can’t get through.

Muffin and Daisy were really curious to see what we were doing outside.

Muffin needed to investigate further so she joined us outside.

Muffin and Daisy didn’t want to swim so I got the boogie board and noodle all to myself! I really like swimming, it’s fun!

I make really big splashes to, I kept getting Mommy and the camera wet! Ha!

This noodle is really comfortable to lay on. I think all pugs need a pool and a noodle like this to lay on.

After I swam a bit I thought I needed to relax under the chair and find a stick to chew on…time to search for a stick.

I’m so fast…whoosh!

I just love this stick!

Do you enjoy your Saturday? I’d love to hear all about it.