Libra and I welcomed a new baby brother to our home at the end of July. A new pug came to live with us because his mommy had really bad allergies. So now there are three of us!

Meet Otis, He’s awesome!


Mommy was able get pictures of him from when he was a puppy so we can see how much he’s grown! He sure was a cutie! I love him!

He will be 2 in February so maybe we will get birthday treats!!


I really love having someone to play with since libra just doesn’t play anymore. We have a lot of fun together and love wrestling. Now that libra isn’t walking very much anymore Otis and I go to the park a lot to run, mom said libra will come more this fall when she can lay in a cold breeze.

Otis really fits in here, he’s really playful and is trying to teach me new tricks, I actually obey better now that he is here. Mom still can’t get me to roll over, she thinks I’m too lazy to try.

We stay super busy with tons of play time and adventures! We share this chair a lot a cuddle every day. I really happy to have such a fun brother. Libra loves him to, she shares her toys and tries to play sometimes but she is getting older now and doesn’t move around very much.

More adventures to come!


One thought on “Otis

  1. Congratulations on your new brother! Bet you both sleep really well at night now with all that playing.
    Give Otis and Libra kisses for us.

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