Prayers for Libra

Hi all, Libra here!

Mommy told me today that the vet called with the results from my surgery I had Monday. It turns out the the tumor they took out was cancer. 😦
Dr. Alice said they got it all out from what they can tell but that doesn’t mean it want come back.
I’m not sure what is going to happen but Mommy said I’ll be ok. I have a appointment on Monday so I guess I’ll learn more about what’s going on.

Mommy is sad and worried but we are going to be optimistic.

Thanks for your support and payers!

Love, Libra


2 thoughts on “Prayers for Libra

  1. So sorry to hear the bad news Libra. We keep praying for you all. You have the best family and friends around you, so we are sure you will be okay!! Lots of love from Rambo & Rocky, Holland.

  2. Cancer stinks! But you are in good hands. Have your mommy email us so we can share some helpful info on dog cancer. Our Quincy pug had cancer but he did really well with treatment both from the vet and stuff we did at home.
    Everything will be ok. It’s ok to be sad but you don’t have to stay sad. You have friends who love you and a great family who will take care of you.

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