Life Lately

Libra and I have been super lazy lately since Mom got a job. We have had more days alone while Mommy works so we just sleep a lot.

Mommy works at our favorite store, Give a Dog a Bone. It’s super cool and fun to go to. They have really good bakery treats for us doggies and awesome toys.

Mommy works a few days a week so we aren’t home alone that much, we really miss her when she’s gone. We aren’t used to her being gone but we love how she smells when she gets home.

We have been cuddling and playing a lot the past two weeks which have been awesome. Daddy gets to work from home more now that Mommy is working so we really like that.

I really like cuddling with Mom in our favorite chair, she gives the best cuddles.

Look we both have blue in our eyes!!! I just love Mommy!

Libra and I like to share our toys sometimes. Mommy is so pleased with us.

Mommy says we are such good girls!

Hopefully I can share my stories again soon! I wish Mom would get me my own iPad so I can write to you all the time but I have to wait for her.


4 thoughts on “Life Lately

  1. You have been very good both when mom is at work! Does mom bring some treats for you both from the shop?? Sharing your toys, that’s difficult! Rocky and I almost never share! We both want them, usually Rocky wins! Pughugs Rambo & Rocky!

    • Rambo & Rocky,
      Mommy does bring home treats and food for us. We are so glad shes working there. We share toys sometimes but not if its a bone. pug hugs!!

  2. That is awesome that you two can share your toys! Libra has come a long way since she came to you guys.
    It’s super hard when your parents work but it’ good for them to get out of the house! Even better when they bring home goodies!

    • Libra really has grown a lot. She’s so at home and comfortable now. She listens so well and is so loving. We love her. Mommy is excited about working and so are we. Lots of food and treats and toys soon. Pug hugs!!

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