Cuddling while Mom knits.

Hey friends!
It has been a blanket of snow all week so we have been super cuddly and helping Mom with all of her Christmas knitting. We just love when she knits since we get to cuddle on her lap.
She has made so many great knits that she has for sale on her Etsy that you should check out. She is running a sale all month long on her hand knitted stuff.

Buy your humans something warm this winter!


Libra and I welcomed a new baby brother to our home at the end of July. A new pug came to live with us because his mommy had really bad allergies. So now there are three of us!

Meet Otis, He’s awesome!


Mommy was able get pictures of him from when he was a puppy so we can see how much he’s grown! He sure was a cutie! I love him!

He will be 2 in February so maybe we will get birthday treats!!


I really love having someone to play with since libra just doesn’t play anymore. We have a lot of fun together and love wrestling. Now that libra isn’t walking very much anymore Otis and I go to the park a lot to run, mom said libra will come more this fall when she can lay in a cold breeze.

Otis really fits in here, he’s really playful and is trying to teach me new tricks, I actually obey better now that he is here. Mom still can’t get me to roll over, she thinks I’m too lazy to try.

We stay super busy with tons of play time and adventures! We share this chair a lot a cuddle every day. I really happy to have such a fun brother. Libra loves him to, she shares her toys and tries to play sometimes but she is getting older now and doesn’t move around very much.

More adventures to come!

Prayers for Libra

Hi all, Libra here!

Mommy told me today that the vet called with the results from my surgery I had Monday. It turns out the the tumor they took out was cancer. 😦
Dr. Alice said they got it all out from what they can tell but that doesn’t mean it want come back.
I’m not sure what is going to happen but Mommy said I’ll be ok. I have a appointment on Monday so I guess I’ll learn more about what’s going on.

Mommy is sad and worried but we are going to be optimistic.

Thanks for your support and payers!

Love, Libra

Thoughts & Prayers Needed

Libra here!

Hi friends! I went to the vet this past week because Mom saw a lump on my tummy. I have to go back to the vet on Monday to have it removed. The vet said something about a mammary gland tumor.

I have surgery Monday and they are going to take it out and test it to make sure I’m ok. Mommy and Daddy are concerned and Murphie is a little confused. Mommy said I’ll be ok and she will give me extra treats!

We’d appreciate good thoughts and prayers.


Pug Love, Libra.

Merry Christmas!!

Merry Christmas every pug!! Libra and I hope you all had a great Christmas and are staying warm this winter!

Libra and I got some really fun new toys and bully sticks!


Mommy and Daddy got our new toys from Mommys work. It’s our favorite store, they have the best toys and treats. We are preparing for a blizzard that will arrive tonight, we will be having a sleepover somewhere if we lose power but we are happy as long as we have our treats and blankets.


Merry Christmas to you all!

Life Lately

Libra and I have been super lazy lately since Mom got a job. We have had more days alone while Mommy works so we just sleep a lot.

Mommy works at our favorite store, Give a Dog a Bone. It’s super cool and fun to go to. They have really good bakery treats for us doggies and awesome toys.

Mommy works a few days a week so we aren’t home alone that much, we really miss her when she’s gone. We aren’t used to her being gone but we love how she smells when she gets home.

We have been cuddling and playing a lot the past two weeks which have been awesome. Daddy gets to work from home more now that Mommy is working so we really like that.

I really like cuddling with Mom in our favorite chair, she gives the best cuddles.

Look we both have blue in our eyes!!! I just love Mommy!

Libra and I like to share our toys sometimes. Mommy is so pleased with us.

Mommy says we are such good girls!

Hopefully I can share my stories again soon! I wish Mom would get me my own iPad so I can write to you all the time but I have to wait for her.

Stormy Monday

Today has been a gloomy day full of rain and thunder. This is the perfect setting for a day of napping and cuddling.

I’m just so sleepy.

Mommy thinks I look so silly laying like this.

Libra loves cuddling with all the toys.

The sun came out a little bit so Libra started to fall asleep in the sun.

We are being so lazy. Mommy is giving me extra cuddles and I’m helping her knit. She even made a new neck warmer that looks really cute on Libra!

How pretty is she?

Mommy just loves making us cute little knitted things.

We hope you have a fun Monday, we are going to relax more!!




A Slice for Me

Last year I won a giveaway and got this amazing pizza slice from Melissa and her little helper Archie of Pug Notes.

Read my original post when I received my pizza in the mail here!

This morning I was playing with my pizza after I tipped my toy bin over and food it in the bottom. I was still a puppy when I first received my pizza so Mom didn’t let me play with it as often as I would have liked. I have torn it up a bit but it still looks delicious to me!

While Mommy was cooking breakfast and packing Daddy’s lunch I was curled up in my favorite chair enjoying my pizza!

I just love this pizza. It is so wonderful. I think every pug needs a slice of pizza.

Even the crust is delicious. Do you have something this amazing? I sure do love it. I’m so happy I won the giveaway. Melissa makes really awesome things!

You should check out her Etsy shop here, she has many wonderful things!

After enjoying my pizza I started to get really sleepy.

It’s getting really hard staying awake.

I think I’ll just rest my head for a minute or two.



I am going to rest in my chair now. I hope you had a wonderful day!


Murphie Jo

Pugs & Bananas

Hello everyone.

I have some exciting things to share with you! Mommy made me ice cream! She made me delicious banana ice cream. I couldn’t believe it, I was so happy. She tried letting Libra have some but for some reason Libra didn’t like the smell of it. I guess Libra just doesn’t like ice cream.

I got the ice cream two days in a row.

You should have your parents make cream for you. All you need to do is freeze sliced banana and then put the frozen banana in a food processor. Mommy is so awesome for letting me have some. I can’t wait for more.


I have been relaxing a lot, summer is just to much for me. I have been sleeping mostly. Mommy and Daddy put a chair in the living room by the window so I really enjoy laying there now.